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Hi, I'm Tinzi!
Art Director & Visual Communication Specialist

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I am a Belgian Art Director and Visual Communication Specialist who creates strong, creative communication through digital design, illustration and AI. I work with passion on concept creation and compelling storytelling to strengthen the synergy between people and cultures. With a keen eye for colour and a focus on emotion, I have designed impactful visuals for humanitarian, advertising, and creative fields. Impact storytelling has been my passion since a young age and my goal is to raise awareness on humanitarian and environmental issues.

Past projects:

  • AI storyboarding for Ensure Gold (muscle health)

  • VR drawing for Vesta, immersive documentary on the refugee crisis

  • Social marketing infographics and strategy for Maggie Program, innovative shelters for displaced people and vulnerable communities

  • Graphic design for Omegabaars, sustainable fish farming

  • Social media graphics for Bolt Energie, local sustainable energy platform

  • Strategic thinking day for DKWA, circular economy

  • Sustainability & innovation design strategy for Stad Leuven

Selected clients:

TCP, Red Bull, Abbott (Ensure), Heineken, Huotraco, DKSH (Pediasure, Similac), UNILAB, Pepsi, Anchor beer, Nestle, Nescafe, Tiger, Anchor, Cerelac, Decolgen, Glucerna, Kulara Water Kulen, Milo, Sting, pH Care

Belgian National Orchestra, VESTA, Guide-ID Audioguides, Kasteel van Gaasbeek, Universiteit Antwerpen, Maggie Program, The Elephant Path, NOHA Network on Humanitarian Action, vzw Humain

Feel free to reach out!

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