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I had tea

with a


Monochromatic ink drawings and abstract monotype prints illustrate the emotions in each story.

My master's project for the Graphic Storytelling Master's degree was a graphic novel about the refugee crisis in Europe.

How does is feel to be a refugee?
“I had tea with a refugee” is a poetic documentary graphic novel depicting 14 short stories of refugees from Syria, Afghanistan, Eritrea, Iraq and Sudan.

The narratives explain the reasons these refugees fled their country of origin, the trajectories they followed on their journeys to Europe and their quests for seeking asylum. The stories take the reader through war zones, across the desert, to sinking on a boat in the middle of the ocean. The book sketches the diversity of refugees and reflects the collective emotions and desires of mankind.

Le Ravage d'Ali Baba

For Belgian jazz-impro band De Koffie van Morgen, I collaborated with animation artist Bert Juliaan. The project comprises of stories and impressions from refugee camps processed in a creative, challenging performance with music, word and image. Around 50 of my illustrations were animated in the film as well as featured on the cover of their published book and record cover.

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